Culinary New York: Snack

Culinary New York: Snack

Our last part of our Culinary New York series is all about snacks. Where can you find the best snacks in New York? There are countless street food stalls and fast food restaurants in New York. So it would be impossible to say that our Top 3 are New York's best snacks. But what we can say with certainty is that you can not go wrong with these snacks - they are delicious and that they are very popular in New York at the moment.

Here's our top 3 of the snacks you should eat if you're in New York:

  1. Pastrami sandwich at Katz's
  2. Milkshake and burger at Shake Shack
  3. One of many bagels at Brooklyn Bagel

1. Pastrami Sandwich bei Katz's

The kosher delicatessen restaurant "Katz's Delicatessen" has been an integral part of New York since 1888, known to New Yorkers and tourists for its pastrami sandwich. You can find it in Manhattan, Lower East Side. But not only locals and tourists are eating there, even Harry and Sally have already eaten at Katz's ­čśë

We ate the pastrami sandwich together with a coleslaw salad and it is unbelievably delicious. The meat is super tender and juicy and has a great, slightly smoky taste. It costs about $ 20, but is definitely worth every penny. And as a snack, you can also share a sandwich for two. Greatly matching to that is Brooklyn Lager. An absolute must from our point of view, when you visit New York.

Katz's Homepage

2. Milkshake and burger at Shake Shack

Shake Shack is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains. Why do we give you the tip to visit a fast food chain? Shake Shack is different! It's all 100% natural, the burger is Angus beef and very high quality and the fries are homemade.

We had the classic shake shack burger and tried several milkshakes. It was just amazing. The milkshakes as well as the burger taste delicious and you can feel the high quality ingredients. Never miss this snack.

Shake Shack

It's best to visit the one subsidiary at Madison Square Park. Here you have a beautiful atmosphere and can take a break from the intensive sightseeing tour in the green surroundings. But at lunchtime you have to be prepared to wait half an hour, as the line of hungry New Yorkers can get quite long here. However, this also shows how popular the restaurant in New York is. (TIP: In the evening the park is beautifully lit.)

Shake Shack Homepage


3. Bagel at Brooklyn Bagel

Actually it was a pure coincidence that we discovered the small shop. We were on our way to the High Line Park (a closed train route across the streets of New York which now serves as a park), walking the street in the morning, when we saw a long line of people on a street corner. As it turned out that there are probably the best bagels in New York, we have joined the line immediately. And we can only confirm it. We waited about 20 minutes and every minute was worth it.

You can choose between different bagels (at least 15 variations) and an infinite number of spreads and thus create your own creation. The bagels are phenomenal. We have never had a better one. They are still crunchy and with something unique and unusual spreads there is something for everyone. And do not worry if one bagel would be enough for you. We have never seen such a big bagel. ­čśë

Brooklyn Bagel


Bagel at Brooklyn Bagel
Spreadings at Brooklyn Bagel
Pastrami Sandwich at Katz's
Pastrami Sandwhich with Coleslaw

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