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About the blog

Thank you for landing on our page, we are happy to guide you through the delicious recipes and authentic meals. Are you wondering why is this blog called The Food Altas? Here we go!

“Atlas is book or bound collection of maps, sometimes with illustrations and graphic analyses.”

No worries, we will not bore you with the map indicating where corn is being grown, like your teacher at elementary school did (even though it might be cool to know where your popcorn is coming from). This atlas has completely other dimensions. It will help you navigate through the most tasty recipes on the planet. What exactly do we discover together?

We want to explore meals from different corners of the world and share dining customs to bring the feeling of discovering new places directly to your table. We aim to introduce special ingredients to you, to spice up your unique moments. And of course we want to share tips and tricks to ease your journey. There are no visas, no limits, so just check the compass (main menu) and choose the direction.

What you want to visit depends on your time. Sometime you feel like making short trips, on other days you might want to pursue ambitious expeditions. It also depends on your taste, mood and occasion. Whether you are cooking for your family or aiming to impress your guests, The Food Atlas will be by your side on every trip you make.

What should be in your backpack? The list of ingredients is always at your hand, including the tips and tricks that will help you to achieve the perfect result. Are you ready? Enjoy the journey and have fun!

Your guides

Welcome on board, we are Marcel and Klára. We come from Germany and Czech Republic. Since few years we are living together in Munich, where also the idea about starting this blog was born by trying to solve the daily question: what are we going to eat today. We have always known that food means so much to us that we cannot just cook the same stuff again and again.

Marcel & Klara

Cooking, baking and grilling is something we truly love.  The most important place for us in our home is the kitchen. Its a peaceful oasis that steams away the stress after a busy day in the office. When we are not cooking together we are at least talking about food and what to cook next. We are always excited to try new ingredients and recipes.

“We believe that one can get to know foreigner country best through discovering their cuisine. A dish can tell a lot about the local people and their history. “

It is a journey to discover all the worlds cuisines. We hope you find some inspiration and enjoy the journey with us. We are looking forward to hear about your experiences and thoughts.